3rd September 2016

Frequently Asked Questions


Allinone Tech Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for quick answers to Allinone Tech FAQ? You’ve come to the right place! Here are some of our Members’ most frequently asked questions. We’ve tried to cover everything here and around our website, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, our Technology Advisors are always standing by to take your call and offer friendly support.

General Computer Questions

What is a download?

To download means to copy (or transfer) data from one computer to another, usually over the Internet. Popular kinds of downloads include music, videos, apps, and programs. Browsers and toolbars are also downloads. Downloads can be free or cost money, such as a 99-cent song downloaded from iTunes.

How do I install a program and avoid the additional bloatware/adware?

Read each dialog box carefully, as there will usually be a way to opt-out of additional software. Be sure to uncheck any extra install box options.

How do I avoid downloading toolbars/add-ons?

Many toolbars and add-ons can be avoided by opting out of extra software included in a program’s installation (see above). Using a strong antivirus program and safe Internet browsing practices will also protect your computer against these annoying downloads. Finally, running regular antivirus scans will alert you of downloaded toolbars and add-ons which are potentially harmful, and give you the option to remove them.

I already have an antivirus program, isn’t that enough?

hen it comes to antivirus programs, it’s all about quality. Some antivirus programs update more often than others, adding new malware to their database on a daily basis. Different programs offer different protection — do you know whether your antivirus also covers trojans, adware, and spyware?

Even if you have an antivirus program, there’s no substitute for regular tune-ups from an expert Technology Advisor. Along with preventative care, proactive service is key to a holistic maintenance program.

Why would I need to backup my files?

We all know it’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. Fortunately, in the digital world, your entire basket can be copied and stored in case you ever need it. If your computer is damaged, lost or stolen, it can be very hard to recover precious photos and important financial documents without a backup in place.

Frequent backups prevent data loss, and Data Backup service sends your data to a strong, secure cloud, so you can recover it any time disaster strikes.

I’ve a small problem in my PC and I just need few minutes expert help to get rid of problem..Why should I opt for yearly maintenance plan?

Well in that case you can opt for Allinone Tech Per Incident Support plan where we fix the problem of PC 24 hours a day and charge for that incident. You get freedom from external attacks and threats throughout your plan period.

Can you get back into my computer after my session is over?

No, not until you log in again and request service. When you log in to Allinone Tech online support center you are prompted to download a temporary desktop sharing application and supporting tools that allow us to view and interact with your computer. Once your service is complete and you log off, the temporary application and accompanying tools are automatically deleted from your PC. We can no longer see or access your computer.